Around town the weekend of Feb 24

It was a full weekend, and our members were out in full force at the Girls for a Change garden volunteer day, the Black Lives Matter Exhibit, the Community Justice Film Series Resource Fair, and more! A couple of our members are here to share their experiences from the events over the weekend.



TWWRVA Girls For A Change Garden volunteer day.jpg

A group of TWWRVA members gathered at the Buford Road location of Girls For a Change. Amanda (a gardener and TWWRVA member) organized us and put us to work creating a space for the organization’s garden learning area. We laid cardboard as a barrier for weeds, moved raised beds into each area, and mulched for hours. Mulching took up most of our day, but when we finished, the area was transformed into beautiful and organized raised beds the girls will be able to garden, grow, and collaborate in. The backyard area is complete with a composter for a holistic approach to learning agriculture, horticulture, and herbalism. Girls will be able to use the herbs to create beauty products, tend to the garden as a learning and team building experience, and even fertilize it with homemade compost. At the end of our workday, Angela Patton (CEO) inspired us by speaking to the necessity of GFAC to uplift and inspire Black girls and girls of color in our community. We are looking forward to our next volunteer day, April 14, to finish the garden for the girls!



Access to Nature (Is A Human Right) Johannah Wilsey

From the artist Johannah Wilsey (who happens to be on our TWWRVA Diversity Team): 

"Access to Nature (Is a Human Right)" is the top piece at the show. This piece was originally part of a series called Nature Therapy. This series was based in the idea that time spent in nature or even viewing it through a window is good for us. It reduces stress and can help make us happier and overall healthier. But access to the nature is not equal. Poorer communities don't necessarily have as much access to nature as those with more resources. Worse, poorer communities often bear the burden of the environmental damage. Out of these factors have come the idea that "access to nature is a human right," an idea that is spreading as people become more aware.

We Are All Welcome Here Johannah Wilsey

"We Are All Welcome Here" consists of a color gradient that represents the human experience across gender, race, gender identity, sexual identity, culture, religion, and more. The lines represent the many paths we can take across that spectrum of experience. The circle represents that sweet spot where all those identities and experiences are welcomed and included. This piece was created in response to the Muslim Ban, but represents the broader idea that we are ALL equally welcome, wanted, and valued.

The Black Lives Matter exhibit runs until March 16 at the Gallery at First UU. For more information, check their event page.

Wave Out Wittman rally.jpg

On Sat. from 1-3pm, members of Together Hanover, along with other invited progressive groups from across the 1st Congressional District, held a Wave Out Wittman Rally/Protest. We gathered in front of his Mechanicsville office with various signs, to signal our intention to ride the blue wave in November and vote him out of office.  After the terrible tragedy in Parkland, Rob Wittman once again, gave us his "thoughts & prayers", while continuing to take NRA funding and voting against common sense gun laws. This is just the latest in a long line of assaults against 1st District constituents. He refuses to hold town halls, so this was our way of making our concerns public. We had about 40 people show up, including John Suddarth, who is a candidate running in the Democratic primary to take on Wittman this fall. We were met primarily with support from the traffic along busy Mechancisville Turnpike, which further encourages us to keep fighting to turn VA-01 Blue this November!!


TWW RVA members deliver food each Saturday to support the Women to Women group at the Adult Alternative Program.




TWW Henrico collected donation items and cash to support the Excellence Closet.



Thanks to everyone who took action this weekend! We always want to hear what our TWWers are up to, so please contact us if you'd like to guest post in the future.  

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Arielle Goldman