About Us

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Our Mission

Together We Will RVA is a community-based action group. Our mission is to connect members with local philanthropic and political organizations and foster grassroots efforts for progressive change with an emphasis on activism training, dismantling oppression, elevating members of under-represented groups to leadership, and supporting progressive leaders who most exemplify our core values. We believe we are stronger together.


TWWRVA was created as a result of the 2016 presidential election as a space for like-minded individuals to share their thoughts. After gaining more than 10,000 members in four days, it became apparent that TWWRVA’s true power was in the collective strength of its members. The development of our mission statement reflected the belief that together we will advance a progressive agenda (1) by connecting members to existing organizations, movements, and campaigns, (2) by fostering and supporting grassroots movements, and (3) by emphasizing activism training, dismantling oppression, elevating members of under-represented groups to leadership, and supporting progressive leaders who most exemplify our core values. We started as a Facebook group, and while we have grown to much more, our group is still a hub where we discuss difficult issues, share action alerts and volunteer opportunities, offer support, and plan everything from postcard writing campaigns to canvassing outings to happy hours. Let us know if you'd like to join

Our Core Values

We believe that we should enhance and celebrate diversity in our community and in the Commonwealth, and that all people should be treated fairly and with dignity in all aspects of life regardless of race, class, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, ability, immigration status, or country of origin. To that end, we believe in the elimination of unconscious bias, systemic racism, white privilege, and oppression.

We believe that our public officials should be held accountable for their actions and decisions, and that those who have positions of authority in our governmental bodies, law enforcement agencies, and institutions of learning should reflect the diversity of our communities.

We believe in providing resources that empower everyday people in organizing and acting locally whether they are new to community organizing, returning to a new era of civil rights defense, or seasoned veterans of political and social activism.

We believe that every person in the Commonwealth is entitled to a living wage and benefit package that is sufficient to provide the basic necessities of life, including adequate housing, a nutritious diet, proper child care, sound mental and physical health care, and a secure retirement.

We believe that every person is entitled to an equal educational opportunity.

We believe that community, economic, social, and environmental policy should be developed with the greatest input from the people it is meant to serve, and that the policies should promote, celebrate and sustain the human and natural resources of Virginia.

We believe in the elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty, in a progressive tax system based on the ability to pay, and in making the nation's financial systems, including the Federal Reserve Bank, more responsive to the average citizen's needs.


TWWRVA is one of many local, state and regional groups that share the name Together We Will. Although we are independent of all other groups, we have the resource support of Together We Will USA, a national level group formed in part to support groups such as ours. Two of the administrators for our group serve on the leadership council for TWW USA. We have many local chapters in the Richmond metro area, and encourage you to join your local group in addition to TWWRVA. 

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